INspiration SkinCare

Pro-Player Opportunity  Spring 2018

Inspiration for Men is a new exclusive line of toiletry and skincare products that have been created by players for players with fans, families, and causes in mind.

This opportunity is available to current and former players and allows the monetization of Social Media Fan followings. Every player that chooses to participate receives immediate income and equity in the company based on simple Facebook Posts and Tweets. The more you post, tweet, and communicate with your media contacts the more you will earn and own.

The Inspiration Men's Care business model and financial potential can be compared to the 1 Billion Dollar success of “Dollar Shave Club”, but, with the influence and full power of our professional athlete likenesses and the team brand(s) that we are associated. Another notable difference is that your participation will be financially rewarded and recognized as that of a co-founding partner.

We have allocated a substantial number of shares to a Trust that is being established for the 7 beautiful children of our dear friend and  NFL brethren, Terry Glenn. Additionally, a portion of the revenues directly support Terry's passionate commitment to the 500,000 Foster Children in the system from which he was raised.

We humbly request and encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for yourself, your families, Foster Children, and the children of one of our own.


Here is the “Gameplan”

  1. Click the link below to register as a Player Ambassador or Agent.

  2. A staff member will contact you with your to provide you with the Facebook/Twitter Post Templates, short-code tracking links, answer any questions, and handle as much support as you request.

  3. A portfolio of sample products will be mailed to you once your short-code tracking link is issued and confirmed.

  4. Read about the product and company at

Factoids of interest

  • You are not required pay or invest any money in order to get involved or to start receiving checks and stock.

  • You can participate as much and/or little as you wish, you can post and tweet yourself, or we can mange it per your guidance. 

  • The more you participate and get involved the more you will earn.  A 5 to 10 second Facebook video clip will TRIPLE your checks and stock shares.
  • Checks are issued on a weekly basis and calculated form the sales to your Social Media Fan followings. Earnings are protected and vested from day one. You also earn shares of stock based on annual receipts. 

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