The Sportz Partnerz Agency's Featured Products of the Month  


ProPon Rewards

ProPon Rewards are vouchers, coupons, gift cards and special offers from the Pros and our Sponsors!  

"Fandraising" Application

  • Your non-profit organization can provide you contributors with "Double Donation Din-Din Dollars".  Meaning that your supporters can contribute $1-$3 and immediately receive  $3-$6 in value from the Sponsor of their choice.  Anytime, Anywhere!

Business Marketing & Sponsor Opportunity

  • Businesses and Brands can participate in the ProPon Rewards program by simply providing special "insider offers" to the worthy non-profit causes that The Sportz Partnerz Agency supports.
  • Sponsors enjoy "good guy" access to not only the particular group that solicits their participation, they also, are proudly made available to the tens of thousands of supporting fans in their area(s) and the millions nationwide!
  • Professional Player Business and Products Endorsements are Available to Qualified Applicants!


POS Advertising Charging Portals

Provide your foot traffic customers with a value added station to recharge their phones while they visit your business and the ability to aggressively advertise while broadcasting your business products.

Plus, you get the opportunity for NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, WWE, MLS and Nascar Alumni to endorse your business!

This unique turnkey system provides any business with the ability to engage new customers, broadcast products, and collect consumer data for as low as FREE!


Potential Revenue Share Offering

  • Your business can also become the official affiliate media partner in your area and share a substantial portion of the profits.  Revenue sharing applies to advertising revenues, player endorsement contracts, and fan experiences functions that are procured directly from your efforts.  

Advertising Plan Costs  

  • Bare minimum budgets to big billion dollar corporation allocation plans can be customized to meet your needs.

  • ​Professional Athlete  endorsements and appearances are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, vary by player, scope of advertising campaign, and must be approved through our conflicts department.

3 Ring Foods & Sauces

  • 3 Ring Foods & Sauces provide 100% USDA Certified meats for you and your family!
  • Our meats are 100% Hormone Free, 100% Antibiotic Free and 100% Filler Free
  • All Meats and Sauces are available to any non-profit that wishes to use 3 Ring Foods and the Full Power of Sports Marketing of the Professional Athletes of  The Sportz Partnerz Agency.
  • 3 Ring "Fandraising" Campaigns are fully supported by the Professional Athletes by hands on involvement and appearances.
  • All projects and offers are incentivized by autographed gear, insider fan experience tickets, special ProPon Rewards sponsor gifts, and even GAME TICKETS!
  • Each campaign provides instant and  residual revenues, as well as, additional include raffl offers that can double the earnings for your cause!

 THE Post Career Sports Agency

Whether, you are and non-profit organization requesting assistance or a player that is search of  collegiate,  professional, or post career representation, we welcome you to The Sportz Partnerz Agency and The Sportz Dreamz Foundation Family of Companies.

Our specialties are transition, endorsements, opportunities, confidential personal “situations”, brand protection, and technology to support every aspect of player brands, influence and philanthropic aspirations.

We have lived the life and learned from the experiences. The Agency was founded, in 2011, by a small group former players, agents, and lawyers for the sole purpose of maximizing players brands while continuing relevance in today's ever changing social media world


The Sportz Partnerz Agency Registration

Organizations that choose to work with The Sportz Partnerz Agency benefit from hundreds of Professional Athletes, Agents, Lawyers, Sponsors, Media Partners, and the innovative proven portfolio of proprietary business products, systems, programs, and professional sports “fan experiences” that have been created for you and your organization.