Aggie Fly Swatter

This Texas A & M solution is engineering marvel is simply mind boggling and is unimaginable to your average man! But it is true, someone has actually solved problem that has existed since man kind could write.

"When we identified the problem back in 1924 the world told us we were crazy and would never ever get to a point of such higher consciousness that we could provide any worthy solutions and/or contribution to mankind...we took that as a challenge and for the past 93 years our  brightest minds have dedicated their life's work to solving the 2 fly crisis that plagues the world.  Since that time,  there have been generations of legacy children and grandchildren that also dedicated their lives and have been selective in their breeding habits so that no other angle of logic would ruin the AGGIE Jeaniuos Genge that has carefully been protected by special selective breeding with other members of the AGGIE Family....we'll I guess we can finally say WE TOLD YOU WE COULD DO IT!"

Invisible Loss Proof Invisible Pens

These Invisible pens with invisible ink have revolutionized the way people think of Aggie Engineering....we simply don't know how our children that we have produced over the years have gotten to be so advanced in their Quantums logik ..I can only imagine that they are true visionaries and see things that normal people can't see.." Said Stacy "Flash" Howton,  proud graduate 1992.

It should be noted that S,tacy's children have become legends and often referenced geniues.."they are so smart that they chose not to pursue their parents footsteps and dedicate their lives to helping normal and are both planning to attend Medical School at another University that caters to Non-Aggie types", says their proud PaPa, Cliff Howton, also an Aggie Alum, father, and grandfathder.

Aggie Left Handed Bats

This product needs no explanation.