Kevin Smith’s 3 Ring(s) Foods & Sauces

Kevin Smith’s 3 Ring Foods & Sauces was conceived in 2011 as a creative outlet for Kevin to share his favorite off the filed passion, cooking and grilling.

“Pup’s” vision was to turn his hobby into a cause driven business that would allow him to share his rich culinary history and knowledge afforded to him by his “Cajun-Culture” growing up in Orange, Texas.

Orange, Texas is on the Gulf Coast of Southeast Texas, right on the Louisiana border. Pup’s cooking, grilling, and sauce creations have a wide range influences that include Cajun Cuisine, Good Ole Southern Cooking, and Texas’ World Renown BBQ & Grilling, the Official Pastime of Texans, as they enjoy, the National Sport of Texas, FOOTBALL! !

3 Ring Foods & Sauces’ mission is to bring together professional athletes, professional chefs, families, and sports to change lives.

“Changing lives with food, funding, fun, and educational mentor-ship for the benefit of children, adults and all worthy non-profit causes.” Kevin Smith #26

How the Process Works

1. Agree that redirecting Monthly Food Dollars to 3 Ring Foods & Sauces makes sense as it benefits the worthy cause of your choice. Furthermore, it qualifies you and your family for ProPon Reward Vouchers, earns you autographed gear, and gets you special insider access to Professional Athlete Functions.

2. Select any of our ALL NATURAL meats and sauces that you wish to reallocate monthly grocery dollars.

3. Select and or sign up the Non-Profit that you prefer to benefit.

4. Look for your delivery in 2 days and enjoy your ALL NATURAL, HORMONE FREE, AND ANTIBIOTIC FREE products!

More Ways to Benefit Your Cause and Yourself!

Upload Pictures

Of you, your family, and friends enjoying our USDA A+ grade meats and sauces.

Receive 1 extra entry in the Monthly Grand Prize Drawing for that Month

Post and share on Social Media

Receive a 20% OFF Voucher Code for your next 3 “Purchase Contributions” on all of your 3 Ring Foods Orders! (When your first 3 followers “Purchase Contribute” $50 or more)

Participate in 3 Ring Grillers’ Club

Receive an IMMEDIATE 15% discount on ALL of your Meats & Sauces.

Plus, IMMEDIATE Sponsor Vouchers that have a $50 Value

Plus, 25 Extra entries in the weekly autographed drawing

Plus, 5 Extra entries in the Monthly GRAND PRIZE drawing.

Plus, receive 50% discount codes to any Private Player Function