Aggie 2 Headed Tactical Fly Swatter

To protect our Top Secret Design of our 2 Headed Deluxe Tactical Fly Swatters we can’t show a picture yet….but, we can tell you that our engineering involves 2 regular Fly Swatters and a roll of Duct Tape…..minimal assembly required!

This Texas A & M solution to the 93 year ever evolving size and speed of big ole Texas Flies, is an engineering marvel that is simply mind boggling and is unimaginable to average men! says Cliff Calvin of Cheers!

“We identified the problem back in 1924 soon after we invented the Picknic. The world told us we were crazy and couldn’t possibly reach a higher consciousness that would allow us to out do our invention of the “Picknic”. We took that as a challenge and for the past 93 years our brightest minds have been hard at work solving the 2 fly crisis that plagues the world. Since that time, there have been generations of legacy children and grandchildren that have devoted their lives to create this game changing technology.” said Alfred Aggie The 13th Man.

Loss Proof Invisible Pens

These Invisible Pens with Invisible Ink have revolutionized the way people think of Aggie Engineering

“We simply don’t know how our Little Agglets have gotten so advanced in their Quantumous Fiziks Research…..I tell ya they are true visionaries and see things that normal people simply can’t see..” said Stacy “Flash” Howton-Randolph, proud Aggie Alum-1992.

Aggie Left Handed Bats

This product needs no explanation.