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Sportz Dreamz Reward Incentives

Each pack “incentived” with

  • Registration code for Pro Prizes, Fan Experiences, Game Tickets

  • Scratch offs for prizes and “Instant Comp Tabs”

  • Pocket protector included!

  • Coupon from Sponsor

  • Advertiser space on each pen/also can be a coupon?


PaperMate Phundraising Pen Packs

  • Donated Pens (Papermate)
  • Sponsor Advertising on pens and packs

  • Coupon on Packaging

  • Kids collect 100% profit donations

The PaperMate Positively 100% Profitable, Pinkyswear Promise ™


Aggie Pen Packs

Aggie Pen Packs

  • Used

  • Ink Not Included

  • Left Handed

  • Double Ended

  • Invisible Pens

  • Invisible Ink

Revenue Angles

  • Pens Ads

  • Coupons from sponsors (ads too)

  • Date Collection from registration (for cross sales)

  • Pens Donated (traded for branding Bic, Papermate)

Pen Pack Products Provide 100% of Profits

Local Sponsor Retailers, Volunteer & Kids Sales

Recommended Donations $2.50, $5, $7.50 (Online Redemption Codes are for Autographed Swag, Restaurant Sponsor Vouchers, and Data Collection to automate your future fundraising efforts.)

    • $3.00 One Pen Pack, 1 Pen & Online Redemption Code

    • $5 Three Pen Pack, 3 Pens & 3 Online Redemption Codes

    • $10.00 Ten Pen Pack, 10 Pens & 10 Online Redemption Codes