National “Toolism” Intervention Panel

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Tool” Protest Fashions at “Non-Tool” Prices

Antibrand.Company is a movement that will make the world a better place by bringing attention by “Scarlet Branding”, ONLY, to hate groups, oppressors, ridiculous laws, individuals, companies, cults, “un-religious” religious leaders, brands, organizations, and public figures that habitually perpetrate acts of stupidity.

AntiBrand’s “JailHouse Tool Trophy” products are a new way of recognizing people, situations and brands that continuously overachieve at “ridiculousness” and “idiocy”. Our products are not about humiliation or the exploitation any particular individual’s personal, family, and/or business life for selfish gain. However, we do believe in the theory of sacrificing “one”, for the better good of “many”. Furthermore, we also believe that the people who are “Non-Tools” also believe in this concept. With that said, and as the old cliche’s goes, “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”….So, lets get to CRACKIN!

The AntiBrand.Company is a socially responsible movement that goes by a few basic rules and beliefs.

First, is “common sense”, meaning that there is right and wrong and that any “Non-Tool” member of society has wisdom to know the diference.

Second, is that a democratic society must be able to have each and every vote calculated to appropriately reflect a true opinion of social consciousness.

Third, we feel that true mandates need to be unarguable and proven as such with a 70% popular vote of any society, group and or country. True mandates are a necessity to really achieve the common goals of any particular objective.

We also feel that the majority of people between the ages of 35 to 55 are, “Non-Tools”, as they are old enough to have learned what not to do in life and young enough that they are still in tune with reality and the World in general.

If you have read this do not agree, at least in principle, with the logic, chances are you are a “Tool” and should seek the help that you need to cure your “Toolism” (You can get more information on your affliction at A public service site provided to you by The Randolph Children’s Trust.

If you and/or someone you know feels that they might be a “Tool”, there is no need to see a Physician, Seek Medical Attention and/or call Emergency Services.

RELAX! because the caring selfless “Non-Tools” of AntiBrand.Company have created tests and a process that will educate, cure, and inoculate you and your loved ones. (Tool Testing, Non Tool Voter’s Certifications, Tool Rehabilitation, Ambassador Badges, and Non-Tool Good Deed Chips can be found at)

Trophy Garments