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Sportz Dreamz Reward Incentives

Each pack “incentived” with

  • Registration code for Pro Prizes, Fan Experiences, Game Tickets

  • Scratch offs for prizes and “Instant Comp Tabs”

  • Pocket protector included!

  • Coupon from Sponsor

  • Advertiser space on each pen/also can be a coupon?


PaperMate Phundraising Pen Packs

The Perfect Profitable Phundrasing Parlay Phor Philanthropic Projects - Phrom PaperMate

  • Donated Pens (Papermate)
  • Sponsor Advertising on pens and packs

  • Coupon on Packaging

  • Kids collect 100% profit donations

The PaperMate Positively 100% Profitable, Pinkyswear Promise ™


Aggie Pen Packs

Aggie Pen Packs

  • Used

  • Ink Not Included

  • Left Handed

  • Double Ended

  • Invisible Pens

  • Invisible Ink

Phree Pens Promise Plethora Profits

Revenue Angles

  • Pens Ads

  • Coupons from sponsors (ads too)

  • Date Collection from registration (for cross sales)

  • Pens Donated (traded for branding Bic, Papermate)

Pen Pack Product by Unique Discipline

Retail Location

Donations $2.50, $5, $7.50 (intended for rounding off to $3,$5,$10 for tip which incentives waiters and bartenders to push them)

    • $2.50 One Pen Pack, 1 Online Redemption Code,$2.50 Coupon

    • $5 Three Pen Pack, 3 Online Redemption Code, 2 x $2.50 Coupons

    • $7.50 Five Pen Pack, 5 Online Code Redemption$ 3 X $2.50 Coupons, Scratcher

    • Consider a Tom's Shoes Model...every Pen Pack Purchased..gets matched to a local school

Volunteer & Kids Sales

  • Same as above but priced $5, 10, 15, and $20


Phirst Phase

Persuade PaperMate and Parker Pen Proprietors to Phund the Phree Pens Project. Positively the Perfect Place to Phor Parking Philanthropy Phunds....PinkySwear Promise...

Phone "Pink" Phor Promotional Participation!

Philanthropic Pen Packs

Pen Pack Promotions -Pocket Protector Pen Packs -Please Purchase Pen Packs

Pen Packs Phor Philanthropy Phrom PaperMate

The Perfect Parlay - Philanthropy Phudraising Pen Pack Project

3 Pen Pack, 5 Pen Pack, 10 Pen Pack