FandRaising (sm) Flagship Fan Functions

"The Pro Show"

Pro Show Games are modeled after the NFL Alumni games that you have seen played before SuperBowls and Pro Bowls.  The games are friendly game competitions that are hosted by 5-30 of our player partner legends. That are flag based 7 on 7 exhibitions games between the players, youth teams, local dignitaries, first responders, fantasy fulfilling Fathers, school leaders, and local Newscasters.

One USA Today Reporter summarized our Pro Show Games, as "The Harlem Globetrotters of Football", which, in our opinion, is the highest compliment possible in Sports Entertainment.

The game use the 5 minute quarter, 50-yard line to goal, non-contact flag football format that are interactive with the fans, media, and professional athletes of Sportz Partnerz.

In addition to the game, other supporting on-site weekend festivities include autograph sessions, photo opportunities, sponsor dinners/brunches, community cookoffs, and other mini functions respective to the communities that host.

Depending on the Venue/Stadium the Pro Show are generally restricted to about 10-13,000 spectators and can generate up to $190,000 in ticket revenues alone. Concessions, Merchandise, Autograph Cards, and Sponsor Dollars are also split with the non-profit entities based on their respective efforts and involvement. (Alike, 3 on 3 games and regular softball games respective to the NBA and MLB exhibitions will have smaller crowds and revenue).

Community Festivals

The "Community Festivals" are sponsor driven and themed around a tailgating environment relative to the sport and respective current season that is "in play" at the particular time.

The organizers, children, PTA, and/or Booster Clubs sell tickets to attend the festivals where they get to interact and work side by side with  the professional athletes.

The family friendly gatherings include things like bouncy houses, adult beverage tastings (when appropriate), cook-offs, live music, autographs, face paintings, golf cart races, horseshoes, sack races, photo opportunities, and professional athletes mingling in casual and/or private VIP setting.

Customarily, the pros bring their own families and compete side by side with the other attending parents and children.

The festivals are approximately 5 to 8 hours long and always revolve around different food theme concepts. For example, Chili, BBQ, Salsa, Wing, and/or Cajun Cook-offs, as well as, Cookie, Pie and Cake Bake-offs with the Pros.

Lunch w/ Legends  & NFL Film Nights

"Lunch w/ Legends  & NFL Film Nights" are sponsor and ticket sale  driven and themed around the current sport's season that is "in play" at that particular time.  The functions are hosted by local Sports Anchors in your television market and feature athlete(s) respective to the season.

Organizers, children, PTA, and/or Booster Clubs sell tickets, sponsorships and VIP tables to the gatherings that are formatted around live/recorded radio, television and 30 for 30 style content tapings.  These functions are reserved for a select few and deliver the ultimate "Professional Sports Star" lifestyle experience.

The functions range from casual radio shows to the more formal NFL Film Night Evenings.  The media themed functions include limousine arrivals, red carpet interviews, white linen meal service, and range from 1.5-2.5 hours.  They provide attending contributors the opportunity to explore the memories of the players while they relive historic play-off games and championships in person. with ESPY style and flair.